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A bit of info about Steam.

2014-08-27, 22:19 by Box Dude

We've had some problems with users coming to us about things other users said to them on Steam. To put it simply, Steam is NOT a part of the forum. Do NOT come to the admins about problems between you and other forum members that are not on the forum itself. This takes away from our actual job of helping the members of the forum ON the forum. Steam, Skype, Kik, and any of those other chat clients …

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CloudForums: Official Rank List

2014-08-21, 22:50 by FCN

Staff and Helper Ranks

  •  *Founder. You can thank this member for the forum's existence.   

  •  *Administrator. These members keep the forum running smooth and are always adding and doing more to improve it.

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Pokémon Tournament EX

2014-08-05, 14:45 by Cloud

Welcome to the Pokémon Tournament EX! After, well, the miserable failure of last time, I've decided to revive this event a second time, but with a twist - if we don't get at least five entries, it's simply not going to happen. So, that aside, let's get right to it by starting with how this tournament's gonna work.

Wait-it says in the description I don't need a …

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Comments: 66

Activity (PLEASE READ)

2014-08-07, 16:44 by FCN

Alright, We've lost a lot of activity compared to our old days as SMBXEMPIRE. And me and Cloud really don't know what to do. So, I've come to ask what do you guys think we should do to boost activity and maybe increase traffic?

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2014-08-04, 22:37 by FCN

Come welcome our 4 new Moderators! Add-Dentures-V-D'oh, Green, Watchmefall and Parsley! Congrats you four and here's to doing a great job! And not resigning or vanishing  Big Smile
Also, we'll probably open more mod slots in the future, depending on how the community grows. For now CFA writers and Content Creator slots are still open if anyone is interested.

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Check your emails in case you can't reach the forum!

2014-08-03, 13:52 by Cloud

We may be changing our domain name soon, which means you won't be able to reach us by going to We'll likely move to, so check your emails that you registered with if you can't see the forum.

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Staff Applications [OPEN]

2014-08-01, 02:39 by FCN

Thank you for taking interest in becoming a part of our team.
We needed a new way to choose staff members, due to the recent security breeches.
So, we have decided to use a test to help us out in picking staff candidates.
By applying here you are NOT guaranteed whatsoever to make
it to the staff. When we choose candidates, we look at many
factors including the following: personality, maturity, …

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Regarding phishing by the High SMBX Council

2014-07-29, 18:16 by Cloud

This is no longer a joke. This isn't something to be taken lightly. The High SMBX Council has been doing downright illegal things by phishing and stealing passwords. We advise you to take extreme caution when browsing the internet; don't click any suspicious links or go to any suspicious websites.

Thing is, I haven't dealt with phishing on the forum yet. I don't know how exactly they're doing …

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Comments: 14

Tips on avoiding and removing malware!

2014-07-30, 20:07 by Cloud

So, my e-mail was compromised recently, and it seems like Keeby got a rootkit recently as well. In light of these recent events, I'm going to give you guys some hopefully useful tips on avoiding malware, but also getting rid of it! Before we start, I'd like to confirm to you that Cloud's Forum is completely rootkit/malware/virus-free. This means that you don't need to worry about getting infected …

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